Ben Fletcher.
I likez computerz.
Music makes my earholes happy.
I'm a whole nineteen years old now.
I'm English, but hopefully not the uptight kind.
Luigi is the best Mario Brother in my eyes.
I like comedy films.
The interwebs keeps me busy and entertain.
I live in the Country which I hate.
I like 8 bit.
Random useless facts about anything makes me happy.
I like Anime that doesn't make a lot of sense.
Superhero's are awesome doesn't matter if it's comics or films.
Scott Pilgrim is my favourite film, just because it's full of awesome music and the nerdiness about it!
I collect little Buddha's for no reason.



Oh, Dave. :D

The Drew Carey Show (4x02) - “In Ramada Da Vida”.






If you feel like cringing yourself to death and crying to sleep for the rest of your life should you miraculously survive the ordeal, you can watch it on youtube

I couldn’t make it two minutes in

Save yourselves

I got 3:04, someone come beat my high score.